Losing Motivation

About a month a go I wrote a post about avoiding burn out and how still motivated. Yet I failed to take my advice, but here is why
It’s the fact that we’re almost a year into COVID-19 changing our lives, we have been faced with so much stress and anxiety that for most our motivation tank has become empty. The colder months of the year do not help, there is less to do, the days are darker and shorter. Overall, my mental health has just rapidly declined, this past month especially,
While I have stayed on track for some of my goals, unfortunately, this blog has been set on the back burner. Although I wish this were my full-time job, sadly it is not, and working over 40 hours a week has just led me to only doing the bare minimum of tasks.
However, the point of this post was not for pity and to make excuses for me. I am lucky to have a job, a stable income, and other necessities in life. I also know that everyone has their problems. This post is about holding myself accountable and being able to look back at where I was in a few months.
To also let people know we are all going through it, and it is okay. We have been through so many unknowns and unimaginable situations, and yet we are still here, and we can keep going.
My goal for the upcoming month is to put out exciting content. I have some new ideas and I am ready to share.

So, for now; stay safe, stay healthy and stay hydrated.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I get what you mean! There are some days when you just can’t shake off those dark feelings. It’s even hard to be motivated to leave bed. But yeah, we’ve managed so far – I’m sure we can ahead. Hope you’re doing better. 🤗


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