My Spring Goals

Spring is finally here! I think a lot of us can agree that this past winter season was ferocious. Spring is a chance for new beginnings, and it is my favorite time of the year. Warmer weather, the sun is out more, flowers are blooming. It is a rebirth after those bitter cold days.

As the seasons change, some of my goals start to change too. There are different opportunities spring gives me that winter did not. So, here are some of my goals for the spring season.

Get outside more.

I am taking full advantage of the weather spring offers us. There are so many activities that we can do outside, and I plan to take full advantage of them these next couple of months.

Wake Up Earlier

While I try hard to be one, I am not a morning person, especially since working from home. I have really gotten used to getting out of bed 15 minutes before I am supposed to start work. So, a big goal is to get rid of this habit and become more active in the morning.

Stretch in the morning and at night.

I have been a lot more active with working out these past couple of months, but I lack stretching after a workout. There are so many benefits to stretching, and it can help start or give us a way to relax before bedtime. I have recently started stretching before bedtime, and I have noticed that it helps clear my mind of the day I have had. It only takes five to ten minutes in my routine, so I really want to try and start doing it in the morning too.

I know my goals may not sound awfully hard to accomplish and achieve, but sometimes you need to start small to help with the big picture.

Let me know any goals you have for the spring season. Or anything coming up that you are excited about!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Spring goals – that’s new! Good luck with them. I’m sure you’ll do well. ❤️

    I went from being someone who woke up before sunrise to someone who used to find it hard to roll out of bed at 9AM – thanks to this crazy pandemic situation. But I’ve gotten better over the past few months and my goal is to go back to waking up at sunrise. It feels so good to be awake that early. I’m sounding like such a dork but I like the quiet that early morning provides. 🙈

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