Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Hello! And welcome to a new part of my blog called, Buy Yourself Some Flowers.

A couple of days ago, I purchased some Sunflowers to help liven up my room. I usually walk past the floral section at the grocery store, always telling myself that the next time I come in, I will buy myself some flowers, but it never happened.

While it is something so small, buying the sunflowers brought me some happiness. The yellow petals help brighten up my room, and there is this aroma of fresh flowers that is very prevalent throughout it.

This small purchase led me to a new idea for my blog. Coming up with blog content, I always tend to think of more negative topics. So, I am challenging myself to talk about one good thing that has happened every week, whether it is as small as buying myself some flowers or a more pivotal moment in my life. I’ll probably include other topics, like what’s going on in the world or different things happening—this just a part of my blog that is stuff other than what I usually post.

One good thing that happened this week was that I was able to get the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I’m so happy and grateful I was able to get it. For anyone curious the only side effect I’m experiencing is a sore arm.

I might be holding myself to too high of a standard, but I am inconsistent with my blogging schedule, and I this idea will help.

In the comments, let me know a positive thing that’s happened this week!

Thanks for reading!


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