Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

Quick Disclaimer: I will be talking about dieting and having an unhealthy relationship with food. If that upsets or bothers you, it’s okay to skip this post.

I have struggled with having a healthy relationship with food. When I was a sophomore in college, I was severely depressed, which led me to skip meals and make horrible food choices. Since then, it has been an ongoing battle to eat well and be healthy.

Since the start of 2021, one of my biggest goals was to start working out more and eating healthier. I can confidently say this year has been my best year for staying active and being committed to fitness. However, eating right has not always been easy. But these past couple of months, I have started to create a healthy relationship with food, and here are some of the ways I have begun to build the relationship.

I stopped counting calories.

When I would count calories, all I would think about was food. I would think about how much I had left, what I could eat, how little I should eat, the list goes on. When I would do this, I would usually feel famished and tired at the end of the day. Not all days were like this, though. There were days where I could find balanced meals as well as keep my mind occupied. Instead of counting calories, I tend to focus on portion sizing and the way I plate my food.

I write down what I eat.

I do not do this every day, but it helps me figure out if I am eating because I am hungry or bored. Working from home and the kitchen be nearby has been a struggle. Whenever I do not feel like working, I will walk downstairs and use food to cure my boredom. Writing down what I eat, the time, and why I am eating, has opened my eyes and shown me how often I eat when I am not actually hungry.

I give into cravings.

Restricting myself is probably the worst thing I can do. If I don’t give in, I will just make it worse for myself in a couple of days. I also try hard not to get mad at myself after giving in to a bad craving. I deserve to treat myself to unhealthy foods, and one bad meal will not ruin my life.

I find alternative/ figure out what works for my stomach and what does not. 

I am sensitive to certain food groups, dairy being the most significant sensitivity (which sucks because I am literally from the Midwest), and other random foods like Peanut Butter or Popcorn. To keep my stomach happy and my bloating to a minimum, I tend to stay away from these foods or only have them every so often. Another thing I do is find healthy alternatives to unhealthy meals. It also helps me discover new food and try new recipes.

Creating a healthy relationship with food is not easy. I know I will face challenges and learn how to overcome them. Every day I am working on becoming the best version of myself, and having a healthy relationship with food is an integral part of this journey.

Thanks for reading!



  1. The same thing happened to me in college which led to binge eating and stomach issues. A book that really helped me to build a healthy relationship with food was The Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. My therapist recommended it and we worked on it together — I don’t think I’d be anywhere close to where I am today without completing this book!

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