Traveling for the first time in Two Years

So, I had a post ready to go, explaining where I would be for the next week, and then I forgot to schedule it. By the time I remembered about it, it was not worth posting.

It was a family trip, and we went to Florida for a week. We’re all vaccinated and wore masks when necessary. Before leaving, I did have a lot of nerves about traveling.

I think more than anything; I was excited to get away from work and enjoy myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see how smooth it was getting through the airport, and even though I felt that we were traveling during peak travel times, the airport was not that busy.

However, what was not smooth were the flights. Storms popping up across the United States caused turbulence through the duration of both flights. Usually, I can handle turbulence, but I think with how long it’s been since I had been in the air, the flights caused some anxiety.

I do not think I will be rushing to book another trip just yet. However, it was good to get the itch of traveling out.

Overall, it was a great trip, and I genuinely enjoyed myself. While I am not excited to get back to working again, I am excited to be back to blogging and catching up on other posts.

If you have any travel plans coming up or anything else you want to talk about let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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    • It definitely took a few days to get used to being with the crowds. After that it wasn’t horrible but I’m not eager to do it again anytime soon.


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